Welcome Grunts, to the only military-based forum for waterfowl hunters. Although there are a lot of other forums about waterfowl and military, aims to make this a combined community for both. Being in the military and hunting waterfowl is a way of life, and we understand because this site is owned and operated by Active Duty military members.             

Prairie Sky Guide Service

fowlgrunt - Wednesday, 19 March 2014 07:58

Prairie Sky

Located in Northeast Arkansas.

Second to none waterfowl hunting in a VERY FUN and FRIENDLY hunting environment. Get more ducks for your bucks with Prairie Sky Guide Service!

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The Start

Fazwilder - Thursday, 6 March 2014 11:32

Before I joined the Military in 2004, I hunted very little, going on pheasant hunts with my friend but never getting on a bird; it was more of a hobby than anything else. In the fall of 2004 I left for the Marines, and during those next five years I never thought much about hunting…chasing tail and partying was more of my thing.It wasn’t until I separated from the military, moved home, and went to college that I started looking for something to do.It was on an abnormally cold October afternoon that I got a phone call from a friend to go duck hunting, so I grabbed what camo I could gather and my brother’s Remington 870, went to the outdoors shop and post office, getting all the licenses and steel shot I needed, then headed out to meet my friend. (Neither of us really knew what we were doing.)

I remember walking down the long trail that opened up to a giant marsh. Further down was a series of ponds with small levees separating them and to the left was the Paunskill River (more of a 15 yard stream).  We set up between the river and one of the ponds, with three decoys and no clue.

 That first time out I killed my first duck, a drake mallard (let’s just say by this point I was hooked), which ended up being the only bird I killed that year, so I figured that bird cost me about $90.00 in shells, but it didn’t matter, I loved it!  With my first season of duck hunting in the books, it was time to really gear up for my new passion. Living at home and having a lot of disposable income, I went out of control, but to this day it was and is still all worth it.

These short articles will primarily be about my experiences; the experiences of a guy who taught himself how to duck hunt, the friends I have made, time spent with my family, the mistakes, successes, and lessons learned while hunting the northern and coastal zones of New Jersey.

By Christopher Fazio


fowlgrunt - Saturday, 1 February 2014 11:18

We are currently in the process of updating the website and reaching out to more people in the industry to serve you! If you have any ideas send them to us at or post them on our Facebook page.

Season of Giveaways

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Earlier this week we kicked off our Season of Giveaways. Check out our Facebook page for all the details.


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The site is back in action! Check back often so you do not get left behind.



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